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A real case of the peculiar spanish legal and cadastral system

8 de septiembre de 2013 Deja un comentario

This is a translation of another post on this blog. Apologies to english speaking readers for this “free” translation 🙂

As an expert witness on court I will describe along this post a real case of our peculiar system.

We have all sort of involved intervenient, a Real Estate Developer, a Citizen, a Municipality, a Bank, a Notary, the Cadastre… but it is missing someone… would you guess who?

The history goes back about 15 years ago, when a citizen makes an exchange of land with a Town Council. The swap consists of the transfer of a plot property of the citizen to the City Hall, and City Hall gives the citizen a “buildable plot” which comes from segregation.

Several years later, a developer buys the citizen’s plot Leer más…