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The tale of the Little Green Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf

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Introduction1: Apologies to english speaking readers for this “free” translation :-)  , please feel free to add a comment if you need more or better information 
Introduction2: I thought of writing this post after I read this article

Once upon a time there was a little girl, called Little Green Riding Hood, who was so unlucky to face the big bad wolf and she ended on the wolf’s stomach… well so far the tale ends here, now the true story 🙂

Little Green Riding Hood, is a green area¹ that was peacefully materialized on a urban land and through which ran (and still runs a high-voltage overhead line)… About the big bad Wolf we’ll talk later  .

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A real case of the peculiar spanish legal and cadastral system

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This is a translation of another post on this blog. Apologies to english speaking readers for this “free” translation 🙂

As an expert witness on court I will describe along this post a real case of our peculiar system.

We have all sort of involved intervenient, a Real Estate Developer, a Citizen, a Municipality, a Bank, a Notary, the Cadastre… but it is missing someone… would you guess who?

The history goes back about 15 years ago, when a citizen makes an exchange of land with a Town Council. The swap consists of the transfer of a plot property of the citizen to the City Hall, and City Hall gives the citizen a “buildable plot” which comes from segregation.

Several years later, a developer buys the citizen’s plot Leer más…

The third CLGE Conference of the European Surveyor

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Next october, in the city of Hanover (Germany) it will take place the third CLGE Conference of the European surveyor.

Within the big event of Geomatics, InterGeo, this year CLGE celebrates the third edition of this conference which started in Strasbourg in 2008, and continued in Bucarest in 2010

The program for this conference is: Leer más…

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